From the Bean Farm

Go back to our Southern roots with Old Tyme Bean Company’s various varieties of beans. Contact Josh if you have any questions about products or delivery.

We are a family-owned, local farm in Elloree, South Carolina. We grow speckled butterbeans, garlic, and peas, as well as a variety of other goods and produce.

From how we grow our beans to how we impact the health of our customers, Old Tyme Bean Co. is bettering the food system – one bean at a time! Our beans are raised from the same varieties that have been eaten for hundreds of years, making them good for you and good for our planet! Delicious food requires the using best high-quality ingredients where available, and we are therefore committed to raising our crops organically – making them a sustainable product.

Old Tyme Bean Co. is a Certified SC partner/member. Please click this link for more information,

Josh Johnson holding bag of beans

Trace the Roots of Your Food – Certified SC Grown